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Additional Academic Activities

Accademic  Training / Visits

Visit to Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda College Hospital on 26th July and 2nd  August for training in Visha Chikithsa.
Training in Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga at Devi Nursing Home, Palakkadu -Students have been sent on rotation between 26-05-2014 and 3-08-2014
Visit to Scanning Units at Thankom Hospital, Palakkadu and classes on imaging Technology by radiologist of the Hospital. This was arranged for 4 group of students from two classes.
visit to AVP factory and Herbal Garden, Kanjikode on 8th and 12th August.
Visit to Siddheswara Drugs at Karalmanna for seeing special preparations of Rasa Oushadhis.

Sanskrit Club:

Astanga Hridaya Parayana was conducted in the last term for all batches.  Dr. Deepa , Miss Anubha, Dr. Vivek and Dr. Pratap were the team members. Parayana was done weekly once for different classes during lunch hour.

Guest lectures:

Cyber cell education was organized in the month of April. Awareness on cyber crimes and prevention was given by Palakkad cyber cell.
Dr. Prabhakaran of Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Hospital gave a lecture on Visha Chikitsa in the month of May.
Lecture by Dr. Radhakrishnan, Physician, District Hospital on Hypertension and Heart Diseases on 19th May in connection with World Hypertension Day.
Class by Advocate  Mr. Arun  on Medical Jurisprudence  in July.
Lecture by Dr. Manoj Sankaranarayanan on How to approach Classical texts on 21st November

Seminars :

Dr. P. Unnikrishnan made a presentation on Teaching Techniques for the faculty on 28-5-2014.
Dr. Nived Arjun  made a presentation on the Thesis Topic- An experimental study on the effect of mandookaparni swasrasa on behavioural and neuro morphological aspects of learning and memory in rats.
In –house seminars for internees are  held regularly. Faculty also participate and useful interactions are being held. We have conducted so far  16  seminars  from 25-9-2014 till date.
Students of III year have participated in the seminar held at SNA Oushadha shala on Unni Mooss day, 1st December. Dr. Sneha