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1) Library - Central Library having 10,000 plus titles on various subjects apart from ayurveda and indian system of       medicines books. Along with these the departmental library is established in all the  14 teaching departments. Extensive books on Siddha System available.  

2)Clinical Material in the hospital

The college hospital has got all necessary clinical materials as per the Requirement. Following clinical Departments are fully equipped.
Department of Kayachikitsa
Department of Shalya Tantra
Department of Shalakya Tantra
Department of Prasooti Tantra and Stree Roga
Department of Koumarabhrutya
Department of Panchakarma


3) Hostel - Separate hostel facilities for male and female students numbering about 300.Canteen facility is available     apart from regular mess.

4) College Bus - For those students opting private accommodation and for hostels situated away from the campus.

Lab Class

Pharmacy (Finished goods)

Salyam Museum


Dissection Class

        Group Discussion on Dravyaguna

Panchakarma (Nazhi swedhanam)

Salakyam OP